Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach,Florida

Find your place in the SUN, with white sand and gentle waves to welcome you.

Clearwater Beach is a premier location to enjoy the Sun & Sand

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Click Pic & Select Video Clips from some drives below ( even a bike ride )

You must take some of these drives to see the real beauty of the area. It is hard to take it all in, however, it does give one an excellent overview. You will see something different every day.

Drive - South Gulfview Blvd
Drive - South Gulfview Blvd, Clearwater Beach
A must drive to view what Clearwater Beach has to offer
Mandalay Drive
Drive - Mandalay Circle to Palm Pavilion, Clearwater Beach
A must drive to view what Clearwater Beach has to offer, and to take you to a terrific beach walk
Drive - Memorial Causeway
Indian Shores, Northern section
Drive - Memorial Causeway, Clearwater Beach
Drive into the city of Clearwater and stop to see "Winter" along the way
Bicycle Ride on boardwalk
Bicycle Ride, Clearwater Beach
Along the Beach Boardwalk with some excellent views.

Click Pic & View Video Clips from some beach walks below

If you come here, you will walk the beach, and there are few to compare that have the amount of activities, the closeness to business locations and the number of sunbathers per square mile. For most, this is why you visit, and for most disappointment is rare. That Beach walk near the Palm Pavilion and Frenchy's will be difficult to discard.

Clearwater Beach North
behind Palm Pavilion
Palm Pavilion beach area , Clearwater Beach

If there is a favorite beach area, this is it!
Clearwater Beach North
adjacent to pier
Hilton beach area, Clearwater Beach
Close to the Hilton beach hut
Clearwater Beach South
adjacent to pier
Main Beach area, north, Clearwater Beach
Adjacent to the pier and the nightly sunset celebrations
Clearwater Beach South
across from Hyatt Resort
Main Beach south, Clearwater Beach
In front of the Hyatt and a very nice Boardwalk
Beach sports activities
Beach sporting activities , Clearwater Beach
Several locations to purchase beach sporting equipment.

Click Pic & Select Video Clips from some major restaurants

These are some of my favorites, however it really is a subset of many that are available in the area. One should note, at least from my perspective, that a view of Clearwater Beach or the Gulf of Mexico is a prime requirement. To me, that is what Clearwater Beach is all about. Really do have a difficult time counting the number of times that I have visited the Palm.

Palm Pavilion restaraunt
Palm Pavilion restaraunt, Clearwater Beach
Right on the beach and definitely one of our favorites
Frenchy`s Rockaway Grille
Frenchy`s Rockaway Grille, Clearwater Beach
Crowd is generally a bit younger, but don`t bet on it.
Crabby Bill`s Seafood
Crabby Bill`s Seafood, Clearwater Beach
If seafood is what you want, try this one.
Jimmy Iquana`s
Jimmy Iquana`s, Clearwater Beach
Great shrimp bowl and excellent view of intercoastal & Gulf of Mexico connector
Shephards, Clearwater Beach
Live entertainment during most times during winter season
Restaurants/Motels near Hyatt
Restaurants/Motels near Hyatt, Clearwater Beach
Motels/restaurants near Hyatt with even another Frenchy`s

These are most of the major resorts or hotels, however there are many mom & pop motels and bed & breakfasts in the area. All tastes seem to be accommodated. The Sand Pearl Resort has a special feeling, as we saw it as the Clearwater Beach Hotel, an icon on the beach, before it was imploded and then rose as the Sand Pearl Resort.

Sand Pearl Resort
Sand Pearl Resort, Clearwater Beach
New resort is a very good replacement to the imploded Clearwater Beach Hotel
Hilton Resort
Hilton Resort, Clearwater Beach
Vvery close to all the action and on the Beach
Pier House
Pier House, Clearwater Beach
Furthest away from the beach of those displayed but is much more than adequate
Hyatt Resort
Hyatt Resort, Clearwater Beach
Crown Jewel of all the accommodation sites on the Beach
Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn, Clearwater Beach
Actually on the channel that joins the Intercoastal and Gulf of Mexico

Click Pic & Select Video Clips for a quick overall perspective

Now, if you just want a quick snapshot, these video clips can provide that.

Clearwater Beach Highlights
Clearwater Beach Highlights, Clearwater Beach
Quick review of Clearwater Beach area
Clearwater Beach Activities
Clearwater Beach Activities
Boat rides, dinner cruises, porpoise sightings, etc.
Clearwater Beach Pie
Clearwater Beach Pier
Nightly Sunset Celebrations, fishing, sightseeing.

Accommodation selections for all of Clearwater Beach are available below
Clearwater Beach.
This location gives you a chance to review individual sites for both pricing and viewing comparisons and the affiliate is the World's Leading Hotel Comparison Website for 2015.

Clearwater Beach highlights shown here, are NOT the only close by sights within a few miles.
Click on items for short video clips of some others like Drive in Indian Shores in the Gulf Shores area our current Southern point, or visit the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Clearwater , home of "Winter" just to the east, or visit the Dunedin area , which I consider a place where you would like to have grown up in.
If you are here and like to walk the White sand Beach head north from the Palm Pavilion where you can walk on an un-interrupted beach for miles.

Picture Gallery of Clearwater Beach
Life is a Beach

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