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Baseball Trips to All Major League Baseball Teams
by Fans of MLB (John & Larry)

This site is documented to indicate that it is possible to realize your dreams, it is possible to see our North America, and it is possible to do it on a limited budget.

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52 MLB Parks , 31 MLB Teams , 19 Baseball Trips
over 35+ Years with 2 Friends

Let`s go to a ballgame!
Those simple words would lead to many of our travels, and what started as a hobby and a genuine interest in baseball turned into an adventure that has lasted for many years.

First, season tickets to the Toronto Blue Jays starting on a snowy April Opening Day for baseball in Toronto, followed by a few R and R trips to see some other parks, and then the dream was born while on a business flight from Dallas to Toronto.

"We have visited 6 teams for home games. There are only 20 more. Let`s see a home game for every major league team, all 26 of them."

Come and join us as we relive our adventure.
Let the games begin!
Game One - Chasing our Hobby

Inning 1 - Toronto Blue Jays - Exhibition Stadium

Inning 2 - Toronto Blue Jays - Skydome

Inning 3 - New York Yankees (AL), Boston Red Sox (AL)

Inning 4 - Atlanta Braves (NL)

Inning 5 - Detroit Tigers (AL)

Inning 6 - Texas Rangers (AL)

The Dream is Born

Completing the Fantasy

Inning 7 - San Francisco Giants (NL), Los Angeles Dodgers (NL), San Diego Padres (NL), California Angels (AL), Oakland Athletics (AL), Seattle Mariners (AL)

Inning 8 - Cleveland Indians (AL), Pittsburgh Pirates (NL), Baltimore Orioles (AL), New York Mets (NL), Philadelphia Phillies (NL), Montreal Expos (NL)

Inning 9 - Chicago White Sox (AL), Chicago Cubs (NL), Milwaukee Brewers (AL), Minnesota Twins (AL), Kansas City Royals (AL), St Louis Cardinals (NL), Cinncinatti Reds (NL), Houston Astros (NL).

Well, our original goal is complete!
We have attended a home game for each of the 26 teams.


Baseball continues to expand and now there are 30 teams
Baseball also continues to update and replace ball parks to attract more customers. Your "Two Friends" are ready to meet this challenge and we have expanded and updated our fantasy goal.

It is double header time.

Game Two - Seeing them all

Inning 1 - Chicago White Sox (AL)

Inning 2 - Colorado Rockies (NL)

Inning 3 - Cleveland Indians (AL), Baltimore Orioles (AL)

Inning 4 - Florida Marlins (NL), Texas Rangers (AL)

Inning 5 - Atlanta Braves (NL), Tampa Devil Rays (AL)

Inning 6 - Detroit Tigers (AL), Milwaukee Brewers (NL), Cincinnatti Reds (NL), Pittsburgh Pirates (NL), Baltimore Orioles (AL)

Inning 7 - Colorado Rockies (NL), Seattle Mariners (AL), San Francisco Giants (NL), San Diego Padres (NL), Arizona Diamondbacks (NL), Houston Astros (NL)

Inning 8 - New York Mets (NL), New York Yankees (AL), Washington Nationals (NL), Philadelphia Phillies (NL)

Inning 9 - Miami Marlins(NL)

Once again, we have completed our goal and have attended a home game for each of the 30 (31 Counting the Expos) Major League Teams.
We have also returned to many teams to see updated or new ball parks.

CLOSING IN ON THAT ELUSIVE GOAL, of visiting a home game in each of the Major League Baseball Cities together with the many new facilities added during the past 35 years.

Game Three - Completing the Dream

Inning 1 - Wrigley Field (tour) (NL), Minnesota Twins (AL), Kansas City Royals (AL), St Louis Cardinals (NL), Cinncinatti Reds (NL).

Pictures in Photo Gallery

Post Game Wrap

A Map review - Our Plans - Cooperstown, the Holy Grail of Baseball - Other baseball links

Future Trip Plans


Come on back later. Who knows where the next trip will bring us. Atlanta? Been there but not at ball game, likely 2022.

North America - Major League Baseball Parks Map

See our Trips of a Lifetime (recent 2020 Dunedin Spring Training opener).

Cooperstown - Hall of Fame

Blue Jays Spring Training

We LUV to have your comments on baseball, suggestions, etc.
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Fulfilling our fantasy has allowed us to see much of the USA and Canada and has left us with many fond memories. As our hair disappears or turns silver, our memories also fade. For our benefit, and hopefully for yours, we have put together a Travel section "Travels" where we recount memories from our trips , from both baseball and pleasure, complete with interactive maps, photos, movie clips and our little guide to show places that we enjoyed. Use the link and and enjoy the trip!

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Factoid Baseball Credits: Geoffrey Ward & Ken Burns - Baseball, An Illustrated History; David Nemec - Great Baseball Feats, Facts and Firsts;