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Eleuthra, Exuma, Abaco & Long Island Out Islands

The out islands are removed from the main islands that include the cities of Nassau and Freeport. Here the population is much less and the people have learned to exist without much of the world looking on, yet each of the Out Islands is beautiful in nature and scenery and tourism plays a very strong role - Excellent beaches are on each of Abaco, Eleuthra, Exuma and Long Island & The laid back life is quite different when compared to North American standards

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Come along and discover why & how this trip even happened. First the why: Having visited Nassau several times while in the Fort Lauderdale area many had said "the real Bahamas are in the out-islands". A two week discovery trip began.

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1. ABACO: Short plane ride from Fort Lauderdale to the main island allowed one to see some great Abaco beaches as well as the Abaco Beach Resort . Ferry ride to Hopetown on Elbow Cay and several nights at the Abaco Inn where some fantastic sunrises and sunsets views took place.
2. ELEUTHRA: After hitching a ride on a cessna flight and gliding in to Eleuthra, took another smaller ferry boat to Harbour Island where the Pink Sand Beach overwhelmed me. Several good resorts like the Runaway Hill Club or Romora Bay Club are available, however the quantity of rooms is limited. I stayed at Ruby's close to the beach, and had some great meals and a hamburger made in heaven. Back to the main island of Eleuthra, to the Cove at Eleuthra where the surrounding area had such great scenery.
3. LONG ISLAND: Had to fly back to Nassau to get to Long Island but cost of flights were reasonable. Stayed at the Stella Maris Resort , visiting where Columbus originally landed, saw Ocean pools and beaches that were superb and drove the entire length of the island.
4. EXUMA: A very fitting stop at Regatta Point Lodge for the last island on this tour after the plane ride from Long Island. Stocking Island nearby was both accessed by a ferry boat and a rented 14 foot skiff. There were some great beaches as well as a small restaurant with great hamburgers. Drove the entire length of the island again, and was treated to terrific scenery, as well as the then newly being developed casino, Emerald Bay Resort . Last night on this journey, was sitting back, drink in hand, watching a great Sunset over Georgetown .

Now for my perspective! "The real Bahamas are in the Out-Islands". Our Video Clips prove it.

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Abaco beach scenery
Abaco Beaches

Church located in Eleuthra
Eleuthra Island Drive

Exuma rustic dock scenery
Exuma Island Drive

Pink Sand Beach in Eleuthra
Harbour Island - Pink Sand Beach

Christopher Columbus landing Site
Long Island - Columbus Landing Location

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