Bicycle Trails for the Semi-Retired

East coast of North America

These bicycle trails have all been experienced since retirement. Most would be considered Rails to Trails.

Bicycling started later in life (50+ years old) but has been a rewarding experience. Not only is one able see much more and enjoy stopping at areas that are not normal areas to visit, but it is also a great way to excercise. The scenery has been great along the way and meeting people from all walks of life is an added benefit. Get on that bicycle, save some money and enjoy life at its` fullest. Several of the trails experienced required overnight accommodation that ranged from motels to tents. Don`t overnight in tents very often now.

A great way to Travel


Oshawa Trail #1

Oshawa Trail #2

Lake Ontario Waterfront trail

United States

Ghost Town Trail - Pennsylvania

Greenbrier River Trail - West Virginia

New River Trail - Virginia

Virginia Creeper - Virginia

Fletcher Creek Trail - North Carolina

Swamp Fox Trail - South Carolina

Shark Valley Trail - Florida

Clearwater East-West Trail - Florida

As a Reminder, this is just a personal hobby,
so if there is anything we could add easily please contact us below.
For the casual internet viewer not all items may be of interest, but for those that may make a trip, a review, including the map may give a good insight on what the area has to offer.

Our Major Biking Paths

Ontario - Canada

Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail


Ghost Town Bicycle Trail


Virginia Creeper

South Carolina

Swamp Fox Trail


Clearwater East-West

Another Reminder, there is a lot more to see.
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