Central Oshawa, Ontario Trail

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Oshawa, Ontario has provided trails that makes one feel that they are away from a major urban area. This trail follows the Oshawa creek from the hospital to Lake Ontario. It is quite scenic and is a prime vehicle to allow those that wish to fish in the creek for salmon to reach their favorite spots.

Trail Rating
Oshawa Trail 2 Location

Start of the trail, going south Park setting with flower gardens Road crossings at Bond & King. The only two. Oshawa City Hall & Library area Trail thru park north of Gibb Street
Northern portion of trail has the only two road crossings, as well as business area where refreshments are available.
Adelaide to Gibb Trail Section

Along the Oshawa Creek Trail by the creek & school area Wooded area just south of Gibb St. Flowers blooming in Early June
This area of the trail runs along the creek and past school area. Wooded area begins.
Gibb to South of 401 Trail Section

Great location to take a break Small waterfalls Many fishing locations Bridge over creek
Scenic wooded area along creek.
South of 401 to Thomas St. Trail Section

Looking back at the creek bed Common sight in the spring, early summer Entrance to the Oshawa creek wooded area
Scenic wooded area along creek.
Thomas St. to Simcoe South Trail Section

Along Simcoe St. south towards Lake Ontario Park area with 18th Century homes Lake Ontario with our Canadian Geese
Back to street and into Oshawa Park & Lake Ontario. Refreshment locations are available at the park.
Simcoe South to Lake Ontario Section

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