Virginia Creeper Trail

Damascus, Virginia

Virginia Creeper Trail uses an old rail bed in the Mount Rodgers National Recreation area. This trail is one of my favorites. The scenery is gorgeous, the trail is maintained excellently, and you are descending most of the time if you take a van from Damascus to Whitetop and then bike back like I did.
Definitely the way to go, and if you don't have a bike, well rentals are available at Damascus. A must see for all cyclists.

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Virginia Creeper Trail area

John`s Recollections

Virginia Creeper for many is a prime visit for many bicyclists. I was not dissappointed, and the trip up the mountain from Damascus by van was a very good omen to start with. The bike path uses an old railway bed as it winds it`s way down the mountain. The first portion gave a good perspective of how easy the trip would be, as normally little effort is required as there are rare occurences of having to go uphill.

Whitetop - Green Cove area
Whitetop - Green Cove area
Unloading the bikes at Whitetop. It's all downhill from here First real scene, and only 200 yards from the start First of many trestles A great bikepath, smooth riding Green Cove reststop Farm, just off the path Continuing down the hill One of the very few slopes going up Looking down at the creek that follows the bike path Another trestle over the creek

John`s Recollections

This portion of the trip showed the extensive use of trestles by the railway, as one passes over many valleys on the way down. Actually they seem quite high above the ground and stops are numerous to enjoy the great scenery and take pictures. The creek that begins to show itself closer to Damascus had several fishermen in search of an evening dinner of trout.

Creek Junction - Taylors Valley area
Creek Junction - Taylors Valley area
From the trestle, treeline view Vehicles appear to be at least 100 ft below The longest trestle on the bike path Bring your camera Creek bed along the trail Scenery is beyoond compare Smaller bridge accross creek Get the feeling that water levels are higher in the spring
Virginia Area Video Clips

Virginia New River Bike Trail

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Drive - Virginia I95

John`s Recollections

This was the only portion of the trail where numerous bicyclists were replaced by horse traffic and they were on the way up the hill. The creek bed that seems to follow the trail closely here is quite picturesque

Damascus area
Damascus Area

Very enjoyable trip, and if the days had not been pre-planned, then another day here would have been a repeat.

Even horse traffic is welcome Hard to believe how well this trail is maintained Fishing pools depending on the season Your bike does not have to have the latest attachments Creek bed along the bike pathway Looking back at a trestle from the creek bed Closer to Damascus, definitely worth the trip
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