Northern Ontario - The Heartland Province
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Ontario because of size is is broken down to the southern, northern and north-western regions.

Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, North Bay, Huntsville. A year-round vacation destination for the whole family.

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Northern Ontario: Sparse population but fantastic scenery and endless opportunities for growth. Much of the area is covered by lakes, rivers, that allow for great fishing, boating and snowmobiling as outdoor sports. Outdoors in the fresh air takes on a prime reason to visit parks such as Algonquin Park . Fresh water rivers such as the French river are very plentyful but to see the rugged terrain in comfort check out this diamond in the rough just north of Elliot Lake . Sault Ste Marie has train excursions both for the fall foliage and "SNOW" train. Baseball travelling buddy Larry is also an avid fisherman and makes a yearly pilgramage to Manitoulin Island. For those that wish the rugged scenery then a must visit is to the East coast of Lake Superior.
Driving has always been a passion and this area portrays this part of Ontario`s scenic qualities at its finest. The Montreal Harbour is likely my favorite, however Soo Hill descent has likely caused more serious accidents ( moose related ), just terrific scenery driving between the Soo to Montreal Harbor or returning the same path, yet closer to Lake Superior. Montreal Harbour to the Soo.

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Sault St Marie where the community was founded as a French religious mission: Sault either means "jump" or "rapids" in French, and thus the entire name translates to "Saint Mary's Rapids" or "jump Saint Mary's", or
Sudbury where it is also the only city in Ontario which has two official names; its name in French is Grand-Sudbury. Unlike designations such as Greater Toronto or Greater Montreal, the name "Greater Sudbury" refers to a single city, or
Huntsville that is located in the hilly terrain of the Canadian Shield, dotted with many lakes. It is known as a popular summer vacation destination for boaters and cottagers, and acts as a western gateway to Algonquin Provincial Park, or
Parry Sound that is a popular cottage country region for Southern Ontario residents. It is also the world`s deepest natural freshwater port, or
North Bay where the site was earlier on the main canoe route west from Montreal, or
Cochrane that was used as a summer camp ground by the indigenous people, and a stopping place for fur traders traveling to Moose Factory, or
Timmins where the economy is based on a boom-and-bust business cycle. The city`s economic state is controlled by its major industry, mining. When gold and base-metal prices are high the city`s economy explodes, however, when those prices drop the local market historically dips with it.

James Bay in the far north has opportunities for development of CRUISE ships to allow passage to the Artic circle. This opportunity hinges on climate change and could be years in the making but it may provide another nearby choice for the many "WANDERERS" or "TRAVELERS".

Pictures of Ontario
Pictures of Ontario

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