Saskatchewan - The Wheat Province
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Moments you'll never forget. Canoe the historic Churchill River on a hot July day. Hike through the cool boreal forest on a misty morning. Ride on horseback across the open range. Spend a lazy day at the beach. Fly over unnamed lakes to legendary fly-in fishing camps. When you're in Saskatchewan, live every moment.

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Saskatchewan: The praires, with their flat arable lands with wheat fields forever aside you on your travels.

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Saskatoon, where the name Saskatoon comes from the Cree inanimate noun mis‚skwatŰmina "saskatoon berries", which refers to the sweet, violet-coloured berry that grows in the area, or
Regina, where its summer agricultural exhibition was originally established in 1884 as the Assiniboia Agricultural Association and since the mid-1960s has been styled "Buffalo Days", or
Moose Jaw, that is best known as a retirement and tourist city that serves as a hub to the hundreds of small towns and farms in the surrounding region of Saskatchewan, or
Cypress Hills, where after the North-West Mounted Police had been established at Fort Walsh, settlers began to explore the Cypress Hills area, living along the creeks and doing small-scale ranching, or
Weyburn, where the Canadian Pacific Railway reached the future site of Weyburn from Brandon, Manitoba in 1892 and the Soo Line from North Portal on the US border in 1893, or
Yorton, where a group of settlers from York County, Ontario, Canada established the York City settlement in 1882.

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