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The place where land, water and sky embrace like old friends. And the edge of North America holds an adventure as big as the sky. We will show you the best ways to encounter a land old as time, and people who make you feel like you've known them all your life.

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Newfoundland: Separated from most of Canada, and it actually is known as Newfoundland/Labrador as Labrador is on the northern shore of the Saint Lawerence basin.

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St John`s area was claimed as an English colony in the name of Elizabeth I in 1583, temporarily captured by the Dutch in 1665, and attacked three times by the French who captured and destroyed its settlements in 1689 and 1707. St John's was retaken each time and re-fortified: OR,
Corner Brook, Stephanville, Northern Newfoundland Corner Brook , is located on the Bay of Islands at the mouth of the Humber River, the city is the largest population centre in the province outside the Avalon Peninsula. As such, Corner Brook functions as a service centre for western and northern Newfoundland and in Stephanville the town is located on the northeast coast of Bay St. George in southwestern Newfoundland, and on the Atlantic Ocean. It is situated on a small plateau and surrounded by the Long Range Mountains and Lewis Hills on either side and Gander became a strategic post for the Royal Air Force Air Ferry Command, with approximately 20,000 American- and Canadian-built fighters and bombers stopping at Gander en route to Europe. After the war, the airbase became a civilian airport, and the location of the town was moved a safe distance from the runways and in Northern Newfoundland , L'Anse aux Meadows was a Norse settlement on the northernmost tip of Newfoundland which has been dated to be approximately 1000 years old. This makes it the only undisputed evidence of Pre-Columbian contact between the Old and New Worlds.

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