Lake Superior Drive ( Soo Hill )

near Sault Ste Marie, Northern Ontario, Canada

Descending major hill to Lake Superior level soon after leaving Sault Ste Marie

NOTE: Must Click play below for video clip - 90 seconds

John's Trip Comments
This 50 mile plus drive north of Sault Ste Marie to Montreal River and return is a continuous display of excellent scenery of Lake Superior, in a very remote location. It shows the natural state of Canada`s hardwood forests and the rugged landscape, with Lake Superior always so close that it appears to be a painting in the background.

John`s Recollections
Have travelled this road so many times that it has now become part of my vivid memory of the greatness that our planet exhibits. This particular clip shows the first sighting of Lake Superior, after leaving Sault Ste Marie, with the vastness of a green forested landscape. Notice the road signage depicting moose crossing ahead. It was not until reaching the bottom of the long hill, that one notices signs that indicate the fatal crashes of vehicles due to Moose crossings.

Click here, for
S-N Sault Ste Marie to Montreal River ( 5 minutes )
N-S Montreal River to Sault Ste Marie ( 4 minutes )
descent to Montreal River ( 2 minutes )

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