Lake Superior Drive ( East Coast )

near Sault Ste Marie, Northern Ontario, Canada

Drive on Highway 17 descending to Montreal River Harbour on the eastern shore of Lake Superior

NOTE: Must Click play below for video clip - 127 seconds

Click here, for
descent from Sault Ste Marie ( 1.5 minutes )
N-S Montreal Harbor to Sault Ste Marie ( 4 minutes )
S-N Sault Ste Marie to Montreal Harbor ( 5 minutes )

John's Trip Comments
Personally this is among my top scenes as the descent to the Harbour below continues for an extended period of time with ample time to view Lake Superior at it`s finest with Islands in the background.
John`s Recollections
At most times traffic is limited, but the driver must pay attention to the road as the scenery seems to take precedance. Limited roadside stops on the way down this treachorous section of highway. At the bottom there is a small lodging operation where one get close to the Lake itself and get a drink and sandwich.

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