North West Ontario - The Heartland Province
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Ontario because of size is is broken down to the southern, northern and north-western regions.

Come to where adventure is a way of life and nature's spectacles are just part of the scenery. Paddle your own canoe through pristine wilderness routes and ancient forests. Fish an angler's paradise, your way - From trophy fishing to fly-in at a remote wilderness camp. Follow the rugged shore of Lake Superior - the world's largest freshwater lake.

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North-Western Ontario: Very sparse population with fantastic scenery, large hills, and many lakes and rivers. Fishing and hunting of large game lures in many ( quite a few actually fly into lodges on nearby lakes ). The drive close to Lake Superior is a major tourist attraction for many. Provincial parks are scattered throughout the area.

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Schreiber where the town was named after Sir Collingwood Schreiber, a railway engineer, founding member of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers, and deputy minister of Railways and Canals 1892-1905, or
Rossport where the town is named after John Ross (c1820-1898), construction manager for the north shore of Lake Superior route of the Canadian Pacific Railway from August 1882-June 1885, or
Thunder Bay where the city takes its name from the immense Thunder Bay at the head of Lake Superior, known on 18th-century French maps as Baie du Tonnerre (Bay of Thunder). The city is often referred to as the "Lakehead" or "Canadian Lakehead" because of its location at the end of Great Lakes navigation, or
Dryden where the Dryden area was part of the Ojibwe nation, which covered a large area from Lake Huron in the east to Lake of the Woods and beyond, or
Kenora that is originally named Rat Portage, and now is a small city situated on the Lake of the Woods in Northwestern Ontario, Canada, close to the Manitoba boundary.

Picture Gallery for Ontario
Picture Gallery for Ontario

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