New York State - The Empire State
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New York's borders touch (clockwise from the west) two Great Lakes (Erie and Ontario, which are connected by the Niagara River); the provinces of Ontario and Quebec in Canada; Lake Champlain; three New England states (Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut); the Atlantic Ocean, and two Mid-Atlantic States, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In addition, Rhode Island shares a water border with New York. New York is the only state that touches both the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean, and is the second-largest of the original Thirteen Colonies.

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New York: Home of New York City, Niagara Falls, the Catskills, Finger Lakes, Lake Champlain and one of the largest populations by state in America. This State has always been one of our favorites to visit, especially for those short term vacations. Niagara Falls is a must visit for all, but we especially have enjoyed the Finger Lakes where wineries are plentiful, and Parks like Watkins Glen show their excellent scenic qualities. The most noted location these days is the World Trade Centre where memories are not always the most pleasant.
The drive from Buffalo to Erie PA is rather flat, but for the most part the State has a larger rolling terrain, with many lakes and rivers.
Our baseball interests have taken us to see both the Yankees and Mets in New York City.
Our Internet Links attempt to provide you with links to area highlights in Niagara Falls / Buffalo near one of the Wonders of the Natural World, Buffalo,NY to Erie,PA alongside Lake Erie, Alexandria Bay on th St. Lawrence seaway, Syracuse home of the New York State Fair, Binghamton boasts itself as the carousel capital of the world. Plattsburgh which is historically a French region. Lake George has a rich historical and cultural heritage, Albany the oldest continuously chartered city in the United States, Kingston / Newburgh near the Hudson River, Hudson Valley / West Point home of the United States Military Academy, Bronx an area of the New York City, home of the "Yankees", New York the most populous city in the United States

Pictures in New York
Pictures in New York

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