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You may know that the Indianapolis 500 race is the largest single-day sporting event in the world, but did you know that Wolf Park near Lafayette is the only known private facility where wolves are allowed to interact with bison?

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Indiana: The land of the Indians! Indianapolis 500, Gary, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, here is a State where speed is now what drives it.
Quite industrious in the northern portions near Gary and the southern edge of Lake Michigan, but as you travel towards Indianapolis the broad, fertile Till Plains in Indiana become very evident. These are a part of the great Midwestern Corn Belt. The landscape of the Till Plains is characterized by low hills and valleys. South of the Till Plains lie the Southern Plains and Lowlands. Here the ice age glaciers did not advance into this southerly section of Indiana so this area is the hilliest part of the state. It is in this region of Indiana where several caverns, including Marengo and Wyandotte caves, have been carved in the limestone by underground streams.

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Gary on the southern edge of Lake Michigan, or
Indianapolis in the Indiana central region, or
Nashville/Columbus in the southern hills.

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