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Not for everyone, but for those that wish to take off their shoes, forget about their inhibitions and park their vehicles, then Key West is the place to go for a few days. The sunsets are the " Best", and it will not take long to move yourself into another world. For everyone else, it is more than worthwhile to drive to Key West from Miami and back. The scenery is like nowhere else in North America.

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Come along and and see some of our highlights. This is one of our favorite areas to visit while snow-birding in Florida for those winter months. The drive down and back to us, is equal to the sights at Key West as the scenery and water colors are so bright and vivid.

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1. FLORIDA KEYS: After leaving Homestead heading toward Key West on Hwy 1, you are soon in to the Florida Keys and
water will be very noticeable for the remainder of the trip. Key Largo, the first of several smaller towns along the way, has a two-lane highway that makes it quite easy to move along as there are numerous locations to stop and browse. Just south of Islamorado there is a good stretch of the road where one can pull over, view the waters and likely see some of the birds that are so prevalent to the area. Notice how clear the water is, at times it even appears not to be there. Several very good accommodations and restaurants along the way.
2. Key West: Does not take that long to realize that the atmosphere in Key West is not quite the same as most locations. From the Beach area to the docks (Blight area) , the party life is always the major item presented to tourists. Sunsets are absolutely marvelous and the nightly celebration that occur at the time should not be missed. Aside from touring "Hemmingways" , there are also many other sights where you are able to park your car close to Zero Duval, and either take the tour trolley (I recommend) or just walk the streets and look at the many Bed and Breakfast locations, or visit the closest point to Cuba, or stop in one of over a dozen bar sites for the drink of the day. The Blight area has become one of our favorites when in the area. For a brief review take a look at our "Odds and Ends".

If you are looking for accommodation, on the way down, try the Marriott near the start of the Keys, or Hawk`s Cay which is closer to Key West, both of which are resort type lodgings. Key West has many sites! Ocean Key, the Pier House and the Hyatt are all close to the sunset celebrations and are excellent resort type lodgings. Bed & Breakfasts like the Cuban Club are scattered throughout Key West, and other lodgings like the Best Western are on the northern extremes.
One must have a bite to eat, and the Whale Harbour Inn has more than an adequate menu to get you into the Key West mood. There are numerous restaurants in the downtown area and two in the Blight area, Conch Republic or Turtle Kraals will certainly start your juices flowing.

Now for my perspective! "The Florida Keys and Key West are great places to see". Our Video Clips prove it.

Remember, this web site is a personal site for friends and others that may wish to view other parts of the world. We just hope that you have the same opportunities as ourselves and if not, at least be able to share our visit from
a visitor perspective.

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