Driving San Francisco Pacific Coast area

Have you ever felt the sand between your toes?
Maybe I may be a bit strange but when I first walk out on a beach it is something that occurs naturally, like putting one foot in front of the other. When I wiggle my toes in the sand it brings back memories of this first walk on a Pacific ocean beach just outside of San Francisco. I can visualize walking by a home made shelter that was likely built by one of those surfboard individuals that wanted to catch that first wave in the morning. I can see the waves crashing into the shore in a pattern that never seems to stop.
It is just a very pleasant memory, one that has lasted a lifetime. This is why Travel to me is so important, as one has the opportunity to experience new horizons. You actually do retain those thoughts that should never be erased.

Trip Report
Interstate 280 going south from San Francisco can be a rather intimidating drive for those that do not drive in heavy traffic, but once on Hwy 86 going to the Pacific coast the traffic thins out and one is able to view the scenic roadway. Pay attention to highway speed limits, as police will ticket if warranted.
Once reaching Hwy 1 the return northward along the Pacific coastline traffic is reasonable, however there is so much to see. Stop at some of the terrific beaches, listen to the waves as they crash against the shoreline, view the surfers as they perform their trade against the waves. Allow extra time to stop at the lighthouse or one of the many restaurants with views of the Pacific Ocean.

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