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An untamed paradise of colorful mountains and desert floors. Music, rolling hills, spring-fed rivers, and dude ranches. 600 miles of beaches, sand dunes, and cultural attractions. Big Skies, sweeping sunsets, great plains, and breathtaking vistas. Acres of pine forests and historic towns. Exciting nightlife, shopping, sports, amusement parks. Gateway to old Mexico featuring spanish missions, theme parks, and more.

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Texas: Aas big as the advertisements indicate. It is also a state that has many different terrains, from pastures to mountains, to ocean beaches it has something for most to enjoy. San Antonio with its` Riverwalk and Alamo is a favorite of mine to visit. Sharing a large portion of the Mexico border brings out the Spanish influence in the restaurants and buildings.
On the south-west coast of the Gulf of Mexico you can take in South Padre Island and even cross the border for some Mexican influence.
The Galveston area or the drive from Houston to Beaumont is more current in today`s news as a result of recent hurricanes, however the drive to San Antonio from El Paso gives you a good review of our future power supplies. Cape Canaveral seems to have taken over the prime spot for space exploration but it is still Houston that has the command center.
If baseball is your passion like us, then two great cities are located in the State, either Dallas where the Texas Rangers reside, or Houston where the first dome was built to house the Houston Astros .

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Dallas / Fort Worth where Dallas and its suburbs have one of the highest concentrations of corporate headquarters in the United States and Fort Worth went from a sleepy outpost to a bustling town when it became a stop along the legendary Chisholm Trail, the dusty path on which millions of head of cattle were driven north to market. Fort Worth became the center of the cattle drives, and later, the ranching industry, or
Galveston / Houston where Galveston was named after Bernardo de Gálvez y Madrid, Count of Gálvez, Galveston's first European settlements on the island were constructed around 1816 and in August 2005, Houston became a shelter to more than 150,000 people from New Orleans who evacuated from Hurricane Katrina. One month later, approximately 2.5 million Houston area residents evacuated when Hurricane Rita approached the Gulf Coast, leaving little damage to the Houston area, or
Beaumont / Port Arthur where downtown Beaumont is the center of Business, Government and night time entertainment in southeast Texas. Downtown features the Crockett Street Entertainment Complex with entertainment options from dancing, to live music to dining or a bar. In addition to the night time entertainment downtown also features a museum district with four distinct museums and the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway runs past Port Arthur , separated from Sabine Lake by Pleasure Island. The 18.5-mile (29.8 km) man-made island was created from dredged material from the 1899 and 1908 Corps of Engineers projects, or
Brownsville / South Padre Island where nowadays, the Port of Brownsville is a major economic hub for South Texas, where shipments from Mexico, other parts of the United States and the world arrive and in South Padre, home to many watersport activities with personal water craft rental, kiteboarding and dolphin watches being the most popular. Other favorites are horseback riding adventures on the beach and ecological tours that explore Padre Island National Seashore, or
Corpus Christi that is home to a number of popular destinations for both tourists and residents. The official visitor and tourism information organization is the Corpus Christi Convention and Visitors Bureau. Some of the most visited attractions are located on North Beach, where the Texas State Aquarium and the USS Lexington Museum on the Bay are located, or
El Paso / Odessa where El Paso is surrounded by the Chihuahuan Desert, the easternmost section of the Basin and Range Region. Nearby the Rio Grande Rift, which passes around the southern end of the Franklin Mountains, is where the Rio Grande flows, and Odessa was founded in 1881 as a water stop and cattle shipping point on the Texas and Pacific Railway. The first post office opened in 1885.
Lubbock / Amarillo where the Lubbock area is the largest contiguous cotton-growing region in the world and is heavily dependent on federal government agricultural subsidies and irrigation water drawn from the Ogallala Aquifer and Amarillo is located near the middle of the Texas Panhandle and is part of the Llano Estacado or Staked Plains region which has a surface that is relatively flat and has little drainage in the soil, or
San Antonio that is a popular tourist destination and one of our favorite destinations. The River Walk meanders through the Downtown area. It was one of the first restoration of an urban river. Lined with numerous shops, bars, and restaurants, as well as the Arneson River Theater, this attraction is transformed into an impressive festival of lights during the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

Pictures in Texas
Pictures in Texas

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