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Canyonlands National Park, Arches National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Natural Bridges National Monument, Zion National Park, Salt Lake City Area, & Unexpected Scenery Driving from Natural Bridges National Monument to Arizona Border or Driving from Colorado Border to Moab, Utah.

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Arches National Park Bryce Canyon National Park Canyonlands National Park Natural Bridges National Monument Zion National Park Salt Lake City Four Corners - Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah Drive - Utah, Colorado border to Moab Drive - Utah, Natural Bridges to Arizona Border Drive - Utah, Natural Bridges to Arizona Border Drive - Utah, Colorado border to Moab

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Utah has some tremendous parks and much to see. An early September arrival worked out great, both for the heat and sunshine. A State that has great natural scenery, yet today is very desolate in population. Would consider this State to have the most scenic parks in the United States such as the "ARCHES" or "ZION" where we had the courage to try the riverwalk trail. I was most impressed with the Bryce Canyon National Park, as the walk to the canyon floor past the hoodoos is quite impressive. Other parks although not as well known include the Canyonlands National Park which entertained us with a terrrific sunset, the Natural Bridges that are as large as many of our man made river crossings, and of course the Four Corners National Monument where four native tribes set up shop to display their wares. There are numerous other parks as well but as usual time was limited.

Two drives, the one from Colorado to Moab , the other from the Natural Bridges National Monument to Page, Arizona are favorites of all time.
Drives are also shown between many of the great parks, such as Zion to Bryce, Moab, Utah to Natural Bridges, Bryce to Bicknell, Utah, Bicknell, Utah to Arches, and also Colorado to Salt Lake City, & Salt Lake City to Boise, Idaho.
Utah`s most famous city, Salt Lake City is also worth a visit.

This State during summer or fall months is especially one for those that wish to see our North America without having that great expense as accommodation costs have been reduced as well as the quantity of tourists. Try one of the newer ways to travel such as:
1: ** Glamping. A combination of "glamor" and "camping," glamping is a clean, frilly version of camping... providing a thriftier (and perhaps more adventurous) version of luxury travel.
2:** Flashpacking. A flashier version of backpacking. Flashpackers travel on the cheap with their digital cameras, iPods, laptops, and other gadgets. They skimp on accommodations and spend more money on activities... while still enjoying all of the electronic comforts of home.
3: ** Bleasure.
With less disposable income for travel, people are traveling for work and then taking a little extra time for pleasure.

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Picture Gallery for Utah
Picture Gallery for Utah

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