Wyoming - The Equality State
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The very mention of the the word Wyoming evokes the essence of the American West. Wyoming is all that innumerable movies, novels and legends have tried to capture.

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Wyoming. Some great sites to see how the early settlers lived and travelled out West. Take time to visit many of the National Parks and stop at some of the early pioneer trails. One of the world`s natural wonders at Yellowstone is worth the trip to Wyoming itself, but while there visit Grand Teton National Park close by. These areas are very mountainous, while the south and eastern sections provided for settlers to use wagon trains to travel to the West coast. Fort Laramie gives one a very good perspective of times long since gone by. The Drive in the south-eastern section of Wyoming has a very flat terrain.

Some area picture highlights
The Yellowstone 26 mile drive
The Oregon Wagon Train
The Grand Teton Mountains

Picture attractions in Wyoming
Picture attractions in Wyoming

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