From Memorial Causeway to Douglas Ave Drive

Clearwater, FL

Alt 19 Drive bypasses downtown Clearwater Traffic

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Good alternative route to reach downtown Dunedin. Area is generally business related at the beginning yet homes become more prevalent when getting closer to Dunedin. The Pinellas bicycle trail crosses the road during the drive and at most times there is noticable traffic along the trail.

Drives to continue your journey

Douglas Ave. - Dunedin
Mostly homes during the trip however at one point it passes the Florida Auto Exchange Stadium that hosts the Toronto Blue Jays during the sping training schedule. At least until 2017.

Stops along the way

Philadelphia Phillies
Bright House Field host the Phillies during the MLB Spring Training schedule. Park is quite modern and is considered one of Florida`s best for spring training.

Pinellas Trail
Major bicycle/walking trail in a very built up area stretches from Tarpos Springs to St Petersburg, however this clip includes only Dunedin & Clearwater.

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