Nova Scotia Canada's Ocean Playground
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Home to the highest tides in the world, historic landmarks, sandy beaches and harbour fronts, Nova Scotia will leave you with more than memories, it will leave its mark on your soul.

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Nova Scotia: Surrounded by the Atlantic ocean waters and home to Anne of Green Gables.

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Southern Nova Scotia, Yarmouth where Shelburne shipyards built many fishing schooners in the banks fishing era as well as a notable research yacht inspired by fishing schooners, the schooner Blue Dolphin in 1926 and Digby where the town is situated on the western shore of the Annapolis Basin near the entrance to the Digby Gut which connects the basin to the Bay of Fundy and Yarmouth The region was visited in 1604 by Samuel de Champlain, who named it Cape Fourchu, and it became a French fishing settlement. During the French and Indian War, in 1759 New England Planters came to the townsite from Yarmouth, Massachusetts, and there is speculation that they named it Yarmouth after their former home, OR:
Halifax became the staging point of many attacks on rebel-controlled areas in the Thirteen Colonies during the American Revolution, and was the city to which British forces from Boston and New York were sent after the over-running of those cities. After the War, tens of thousands of United Empire Loyalists from the American Colonies flooded Halifax, and many of their descendants still reside in the city today, OR:
Southern Shore Nova Scotia, New Glasgow, Truro where Sheet Harbour started as a settlement in 1784 by Loyalist refugees and British veterans of the American Revolution and became a prosperous centre for the lumber industryand and New Glasgow (2006 pop. 9,455) is a town in Pictou County, in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada. It is situated on the banks of the East River of Pictou, which flows into Pictou Harbour, a sub-basin of the Northumberland Strait and Truro is known as the Hub of Nova Scotia as it is located at the junction between the Canadian National Railway, running between Halifax and Montreal, and the Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia Railway, running between Truro and Sydney, OR:
Cape Breton Island, Sydney where Cape Breton Island is artificially connected to mainland Nova Scotia by the 1,385 m (4,544 ft) long rock-fill Canso Causeway. The island is located east-northeast of the mainland with its northern and western coasts fronting on the Gulf of Saint Lawrence; its western coast also forming the eastern limits of the Northumberland Strait. and Sydney`s tourism draw is increasingly linked to its cultural asset as being the urban heart of Cape Breton Island. Its population is a diverse mixture of nationalities which contributes to various Scottish, Acadian, African Canadian and eastern European cultural events being held throughout the year.

Recent trip (2021) pictures highlight Peggy's Cove and the Cabot Trail area. Click HERE

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Niagara Falls

Santa Clara

Key West


Pink Sand Beach

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